Vietnam Adventures

Hey guys, Wells here.  Just left Vietnam and had some awesome experiences.  Going to highlight a few things about the country.  Upon entering Vietnam’s northeastern border with Cambodia, I left on my way to find a Couchsurfing girl that I met on Vietnam Cupid (Review here

From our first experience in the country in 2010, the pics that we took were scams, a disastrous tour to Ha Long Bay, the most aggressive sellers we have met and the agonizing qualifying match for the World Cup 2010. But we also wanted to return, to give it a second chance; This time looking for a greater approach to the locals, to the other locals, not to those that we had limited ourselves to know when doing the typical tourist routes. Traveling by word of mouth and doing Couchsurfing, we had a very different experience to the one of years long ago.

Hue was the one who welcomed us, so that from the first day a little part of Vietnam will be kept in our hearts. This girl, so young but so mature by the hard blows of life, was one of the people who taught us the most. I know more of her story than most people.

The few travelers that slow down in the city of Pleiku are those who make the Saigon to Hanoi route by motorcycle or bicycle and prefer to go for the scenery route rather than by the chaotic coast route; Or those who, like us, enter or leave Cambodia along the border between other cities.

Just me at some attraction

-Do not forget to stop by the Central Market and stop to taste the delicious Desert (dessert of sweet tofu with ginger syrup) that the ladies sell at the entrance.

-Another place that we liked a lot is Minh Tanh Pagoda, in the center of the city. Besides the pagoda, in the complex there is a temple with very explicit drawings of what awaits you in hell if in this life you behave badly. Surely you will love it.

-In the afternoon, when students are out of school and work adults, the best plan is to stop at one of the crowded cafeterias and then take a walk around Solidarity Square, the square with the imposing golden statue of Ho Chi Minh.

-Hotikana was the one who made our way through Pleiku so special, although we also remember the intense taste of one of the best coffees we have ever had, in the popular Cafe Napoli, where she worked.

How to Clean Under the Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal system (example) is helpful when it comes to disposing of food. When you clean your house, however, it is often forgotten about. Due to this oversight, the garbage disposal can begin to smell and attract bacteria and insects. To correct this problem, you can clean it with a few things you probably have sitting next to the disposal, under the kitchen sink cleaning the home.

• Fill the garbage disposal with hot water and squeeze in some antibacterial soap.
• cut the power source of the garbage disposal until all water draining from disposal. Once finished, wipe the inside of the device with a scrub brush. Keep the area clear around the trash removal switch.
• Pour baking soda into garbage disposal, followed by 1 cup of vinegar. This creates and blends the bubbles up out of the setup. Let this sit for about 10 minutes.
• Introduce boiling water into the garbage disposal. Let the water sit for a moment, then pull the plug to drain the water
• Rinse out any remaining baking soda and vinegar from the sink

There you have it. Some practical tips that you can implement right away when you are cleaning your garbage disposal.


hey wells here.  right now im in asia so i cant get much content out to you guys.  i am so sorry shit is so crazy out here.  dont worry though i will get some articles out soon!!


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